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I cannot and will not guarantee any particular result in a criminal case. The above anatomy of a criminal case is an outline for informational purposes so that you understand the generalities of the structures and proceedings that I see every day in my practice of criminal defense law.

Sharon  Beth  Marshall
Counselor at Law


22287 Mulholland Highway, Number 310, Calabasas, California 91302

  • Criminal Defense


Below are some of Sharon Beth Marshall Esquire’s notable case results. Please know that the below are no guarantee of what will or may occur in your legal matter.  All cases are different and results are dependent upon many different factors.

Mental Health Diversion: Thus far, one hundred percent success rate. (L.A.X.                     Domestic Violence case, Van Nuys Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Extortion, 
Ventura Elder Abuse, Robbery).

            Two cases, both in Pasadena Superior Court: husband shot wife in the head, boyfriend
.           and mother charged in death of 21 month old. Murder charge dismissed, pled to                         voluntary manslaughter, determinate sentence.

Three Strikes:

            Burbank Superior Court: case reduced to a misdemeanor after preliminary hearing -- no             longer a felony case and no longer a Three Strikes case.

Grand Theft:

            San Francisco Superior Court/San Diego Superior Court: took a $1,900 YSL bag from               Neiman Marcus, prior offense with same modus operandi. Significant psychological and             substance abuse issues.  Probation and credit for treatment already done, transition to               outpatient when appropriate.
No probation violation based on the prior offense.

Negligent Discharge of a Firearm:

            Ventura Superior Court: pled to a misdemeanor, no jail time, agreement to pay                           restitution to responding agencies, not placed upon probation due to concern that client             would be prohibited from owning guns which were needed due to his line of work as a               stunt man.

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon:

    Beverly Hills Superior Court: civil compromise, dismiss upon completion of anger management program.

    Hit and Run:

    Van Nuys Superior Court: threatening a witness also charged, civil compromise, dismissed.

    Evading Law Enforcement:

    L.A.X. Superior Court: third time DUI, crashed into a tree at end of pursuit, two probation violations based upon his two prior DUIs, 152 days county jail.

    Terrorist Threats:

    Burbank Superior Court: aggravated by resisting law enforcement operations, felony reduced to misdemeanor after preliminary hearing, probation, 365 days county jail, 6 month residential program.


     CCB Superior Court: reduced to disturbing the peace.

     Burglary Tools:

     Burbank Superior Court: reduced to an infraction.

     Drug Sales:

     Oxnard Juvenile Superior Court: rejected by the DA s Office.

     Torrance Superior Court: dismissed.

     San Diego Superior Court: probation, 90 days work furlough.


    Malibu Superior Court/Van Nuys Superior Court: statutory, probation, four years state prison suspended and not imposed, alcohol counseling.

    Child Abuse:

    Lancaster Superior Court: misdemeanor, time served, parenting classes.

    Van Nuys Superior Court: dismissed via civil compromise.

    Domestic Violence:

    In general: reductions to disturbing the peace and other lesser offenses.

    L.A.X. Superior Court: speedy trial motion granted, case dismissed.

    Restraining order:

    Burbank Superior Court: case settled via mediation despite extremely aggravated facts and conduct and extremely angry, unsettled complaining witness.

    Long Beach Superior Court: dismissed, informal contract through mediation.


    L.A.X. Superior Court: 16, .16, case resolved as an attempted drunk driving which is not a DUI and not priorable as a DUI. Won DMV hearing, no license consequence.

    San Luis Obispo Superior Court: dismissed outright.

    Ventura Superior Court: high blood alcohol content, 120 miles per hour, DUI dismissed and client found not guilty of being .08 or above.

    Torrance Superior Court: dismissed, client pled to two moving violations and was granted traffic school as to one of them. PAS results. .08, .08, breath .08, .08.

    Hill Street Superior Court: pled to exhibition of speed, PAS .09, .10, breath .08, .08.

    Hill Street Superior Court: exhibition of speed. Client applying to be a detention officer and can’t be on probation will be terminated.

    DUI With Accident:

    Pasadena Superior Court: after accident drinking established, client under 21. Dismissed.


    Van Nuys Driver’s Safety Office: set aside, breath results .14, .14.

    Officer testified not trained to operate breath machine.Set aside.

    El Segundo Driver’s Safety Office: breath results .3.3, .3.4, hit two parked cars in two section intersections. Set aside.

    Irvine Driver’s Safety Office:   set aside, under 21.

    San Diego Driver’s Safety Office:  refusal case changed to a 30 day suspension saving client a possible eleven additional months of suspension.


    Westminster Superior Court: Pitchess motion granted, officer romantically interested in client’s actress passenger.


    Compton Superior Court: officer agreed to reduce speed from 111 miles per hour to 94 miles per hour so client could get traffic school.

    Record Correction:

    Monterey Park Juvenile Court/Sylmar Juvenile Court/Sacramento DMV: DMV record showed on court probation. This incorrect notation precluded our clients from participating in ride alongs therefore prohibiting him from beginning the process to become law enforcement officer.

    Notation correction through courts and DMV.


    Can you guarantee me a good result?

    No: I cannot and will not make any guarantees in any criminal case. It is unethical, unprofessional and misleading to do so.  I can and will, however, guarantee that I will work extremely hard for you—it is the only way I know how to work. I will leave no stone unturned.